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Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business | $40.00

Course Summary:
The primary goal of this course is to assist you in exploring the creation (or purchase) of your own small business.
We will connect you to the resources and expertise of the VtSBDC. This connection will occur in three ways:

  1. The workshop is facilitated by a member of the VtSBDC staff.
  2. The course materials--based on the successful and popular face-to-face workshops delivered around the state--have been designed by VtSBDC to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs in Vermont.
  3. If you do decide to forge ahead with your business idea, you will be connected to a VtSBDC Business Advisor to help you make the next steps toward owning your own small business.

Course topics include:

  • It all starts with an idea...
  • Legai Issues
  • Financial Issues
  • The Business Plan
  • Setting up a meeting with a VtSBDC Business Advisor

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    • Cost: $40.00
      This workshop will help future business owners determine the steps toward starting and financing a new venture. It offers an overview of evaluating your idea, the business planning process, including where to find market information, how to tackle projections and writing a business plan. The workshop is designed for people who are thinking about going into business and want accurate information about the procedures and government regulations involved to start a business in Vermont.